Top Academic Institutions

Top academic institutions recognized by world bodies, educational associations, peers, thought leaders, accomplished educational boards and medical boards worldwide form a network with Abroad Med Studies. We facilitate entry into these leading and established educational institutions, for quality medical courses. 

Top academic institutions recognized by WHO, FAIMER, UN bodies, MCI and other globally recognized, acclaimed medical boards are part of the Abroad Med Studies network of educational medical universities. Abroad Med Studies is oriented towards clearing hurdles to the accessibility of medical courses for Indian students. 

Top Academic Institutions, Qualified Faculty

Abroad Med Studies is the window to a world full of opportunities. Open the door to top medical institutions and qualified faculty skilled for their competence and knowledge. We offer a chance to select and choose from the best academic institutions in any country. Top destinations for students are Australia, UK, US, but we also offer unusual options such as the Philippines and Russia, depending on the needs, preferences and requirements of students.

The Abroad Med Studies Benefits

We offer a vast range of benefits:

• Qualified faculty with a wealth of experience and understanding 

• Institutions offering courses of theoretical value, academic rigor and practical application 

• Industry relevant medical internships and training for students 

• Understanding of how to make strengths into opportunities 

Top academic institutions nurture and grow the talents of students. At Abroad Med Studies we firmly believe that every student can use his/her unique capabilities and skills to access the best medical education abroad. Carving a path to success is easy, with Abroad Med Studies at your side every step of the way. 


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