Pre-Departure Assistance 

Critical parts of assistance and guidance prior to departure include preparing an SOP that strikes a chord with medical universities, complete documentation and paperwork for application and 24/7 support. Abroad Med Studies accords guidance at all stages of pre-departure assistance.


Before landing in another country for higher studies in medicine, it is very critical to have information on your fingertips about migrating, traveling to and from abroad and even settling there following your residency. Pre-departure assistance sessions are hosted for different countries where students pursue their MBBS. Comprehensive and updated information sessions are held for students prior to their travel.


Abroad Med Studies Pre-departure Training Sessions: The Benefits 

• Providing assistance and timely, critical information pertaining to courses and travel arrangements

• Clarifying the nature of accommodation arrangements 

• Handling queries for entry, migration, travel and settlement abroad 

• 24/7 support and guidance

• Cutting down on departure time hassles related to transit, luggage and landing 

• Clarification and checklist of pre-departure guidelines for country, city and campus selected

• Arrangements for alerting students regarding any procedural changes 

• Sensitizing students to acclimatize to the new environment

Helping Students Adjust to New Environments 

Abroad Med Studies organizes pre-departure sessions to sensitize students about their new destination and the unique cultural aspects, as well as enrollment at an institute. Making adjustment easy, our pre-departure assistance aims to instill a sense of confidence and empower students to pursue their education and medical careers with confidence and efficacy. From helping with the Statement of Purpose to creating awareness about how to proceed with applications and travel, Abroad Med Studies offers wide and varied pre-departure advice and assistance for students.


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